“Make It Right” A Guide to Doing Things the Correct Way

Wrote By: Founder at Premium Supply Don Bowman "When Premium had just one outlet, we had a customer who drove from Glenwood, southwest of Hot Springs, to collect a sizable siding job. Although the color was specified on the initial invoice, the second page indicated a...

February 2024 Keeps Getting Better A Look at the Exciting Developments Ahead

Exciting news!We are thrilled to announce some exciting news! Premium Siding Supply has recently expanded its product line in February 2024 to include Castle Stone Creations. This means that our clients can now enjoy a wider selection of products to enhance their...

Transform Your Home’s Look and Value with New Siding

New Siding Can Turn Your Home into a Work of Art There is not anything that can improve the street appeal of an older house any better than a new siding installation by a competent installer. That "plain Jane" negative appearance overnight turns into the crown jewel...

“Take a look at what’s new at Premium Siding Supply in January 2024.”

Premium Siding Supply is proud to announce that it has become an authorized distributor of Diamond Kote products, providing you with easy access to these amazing products! We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you!  This means that you can now easily get...

Devastation in Northeast Arkansas March 2020

Recently, mother nature dealt a one two punch of devastation to our friends in Northeast Arkansas.  On March 28th, a tornado ripped through Jonesboro injuring 22 people and leaving a trail of flattened homes and buildings in its wake before heading towards...

Spring 2020 Update

Premium Siding Supply is still open at all locations. New construction (and suppliers) have been deemed essential and therefore are to remain open. We have placed barriers in front of each of our buildings and ask that you conduct your business by Phone (501) 932-4477...

Vinyl Siding Installation Tips and Tricks

Vinyl siding is one of the easiest types of siding to install, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t require skill or knowledge to complete properly. When incorrectly installed, vinyl siding will let water in, and it will become a lovely home for all sorts of pests—which...

A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing Home Siding

You probably don’t spend much time thinking about as you go about your busy days. But when you notice that your home or business is projecting an unkempt, run-down appearance, or your...

How to fails, mishaps, mistakes, funny bloopers and outtakes

The Home Mender, Dustin Luby, shows us, well, he just shows us how life happens.LOL Home Mender   Title: How to fails, mishaps, mistakes, funny bloopers, outtakes. Home Mender Duration: 5:37 Produced by: Home Mender Source: https://youtu.be/Qejf1XvtVQs...

“You threw out my dog!”

Time spent in any business seems to generate anecdotes about experiences and situations that are just too funny to be true.  After 36 years in the home remodeling business the stories have...

Just For Fun 1.1 Video Mashup

Ok it's time for another installment of just for fun and in 1.1 it is a tossup of some really great videos and clips from all over the web, so sit back and relax and try to enjoy yourself!   Title: Just For Fun 1.1 Video Mashup Duration: 6:24 Music by: Unknown...

How to Fix a Hole in Vinyl Siding

Written by Lee Carroll A hole in vinyl siding opens a door for moisture and insects to intrude. Fortunately, you can repair most small holes and punctures without a professional's help....
The Many Sides of Siding

The Many Sides of Siding

WHILE there are many ways to enhance the appearance of a house -- installing a new front door, adding shutters, painting the window frames, sprucing up the landscaping -- few improvements...

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