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Wrote By: Founder at Premium Supply Don Bowman

“When Premium had just one outlet, we had a customer who drove from Glenwood, southwest of Hot Springs, to collect a sizable siding job. Although the color was specified on the initial invoice, the second page indicated a different color, which he claimed had been loaded onto his truck. Our policy has always been to rectify our mistakes.

When he called back, we promptly arranged to deliver the correct color, which was already on the company truck. I set off to Glenwood feeling somewhat annoyed by the error. Upon arrival with the supposedly corrected color, it turned out to be the wrong shade as well. We swiftly returned with the material and, feeling even more upset, exchanged it upon reaching home. Once again, I made the trip back, and our customer, understanding the situation, did a great job calming me down. As we loaded the returned material, we both shared a laugh at the whole ordeal, ensuring that we ‘make it right’.”

The lesson here is when owning a business try and always “make things right” for your customers. Maintaining customer satisfaction is of paramount importance for businesses seeking to ensure their future success. By consistently striving to “make things right” for customers, companies can foster a loyal customer base that drives repeat business and positive word-of-mouth referrals. The moral of this philosophy lies in the understanding that treating customers fairly and resolving their concerns promptly and effectively contributes to building lasting relationships.



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