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Recently, mother nature dealt a one two punch of devastation to our friends in Northeast Arkansas.  On March 28th, a tornado ripped through Jonesboro injuring 22 people and leaving a trail of flattened homes and buildings in its wake before heading towards Brooklyn..  Then, just 11 days later, another twister tore through the town of Harrisburg, just 15 miles south of Jonesboro, damaging around 30 homes in this small community in Poinsett County.  On the same night a much smaller tornado also briefly touched down in Cash, just 10 miles west of Jonesboro.   Luckily, places like Bono, Trumann, Newport, Walnut Ridge and Paragould were spared 

At Premium Siding Supply, this isn’t our first experience with mother natures awesome power.  Twice in the last 15 years large tornadoes have ripped through Vilonia, just a few miles east of our Conway store, as well as Atkins, near Russellville and Sherwood, a short distance from our original location.  

Now, usually after a disaster the streets are TEEMING with contractors both real and fake, trying to grab a piece of the insurance money that will inevitably be flowing.  Many are great people who do honest work at fair prices, but there are always a a few companies that like to take advantage of the hurt that many of our friends and family are going through.  Which is why we made this blog post.  We at Premium Supply will offer CONTRACTOR PRICING to any homeowner that can show their home was damaged in these storms and is purchasing material to repair said damage.  Not only that, but we will check out any and all CONTRACTORS that people hire to do their work.  We do this as a service to the people that live and work in these areas.  

At Premium we like to say that “We are a family” we mean it.


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