Series 130 Windows

Single or Mulit-Lite Casement and Awning Windows

Want a smooth, clean look for your contemporary home? Or a sleek, trim look for a cottage or bungalow?

Standard Features

  • Brick-mould exterior frame design, the profile-of-choice among builders, architects and homeowners
  • Insulated glass panels with optimum thermal air space featuring warm-edge spacer system
  • Multi-seal weather protection provides multiple barriers and maximum defense against air and water infiltration
  • State-of-the-art hardware—low-profile lock handle provides a popular aesthetic appeal
  • Sash Cranks Open 90 degrees for easy cleaning
  • Multi-point locking system provides superior pull-in mechanism with single lever


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Single Hung, 2 and 3 Lite Sliders and Picture Windows

Our Series 130 single hung windows for New Construction or Replacement offer an exceptional value with outstanding strength, energy efficiency and lasting beauty. Available in single hung, sliders, picture windows and architectural shapes.

Standard Features

  • Select from 4 frame types:
    – Box Frame (no nail fin & no front flange)
    – J-Channel (nail fin & front flange)
    – Nail Fin Only (no J-Channel)
    – Front Flange Only
  • Bottom sash tilts in for easy cleaning from inside
  • Aluminum half screen comes standard*
  • Block and Tackle balance system for easy sash movement
  • Warm-edge spacer system provides energy saving thermal performance
  • DP 50 rating (window size tested 53″ x 77″)
  • Aluminum reinforcement standard in lock & meeting rails and sash stiles
  • Dual sweep locks (standard at 27-1⁄4″ and above) help provide a weather-tight seal and added security
  • Dual weather-stripping helps block air and water infiltration, keeping harsh elements outside and energy-saving comfort inside
  • Step sill design combines water run-off and aesthetic features of a sloped sill with the structural strength and internal drainage system of a pocket sill
  • Jamb depth: 3″
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Series 130 Slider Window Specific Features:

  • DP 50 rating (window size tested 74″ x 50″ for 2-Lite and 108″ x 50″ for 3-Lite)
  • DP 40 rating (window size tested 74″ x 63″ 2-Lite)
  • DP 30 rating (window size tested 108″ x 63″ 3-Lite)
  • Step sill design combines water run-off and aesthetic features of a sloped sill with the structural strength and internal drainage system of a pocket sill
  • Tandom rollers ride easily along friction free channel
  • Available in 2-lite and 3-lite configurations

Note: Screens are not meant to restrain a child from falling through an open window.

Series 130 Frame Types

Series 130 Frame Types

The Lansing Series 130 window line comes in 4 different frames types to meet various installation needs:

  1. Box Frame (no nail fin & no front flange)
  2. J-Channel (nail fin & front flange)
  3. Nail Fin Only (no J-Channel)
  4. Front Flange Only


Vinyl Color Options

Painted Color Options

Note: Device/Monitor screen settings may affect color shown. Please refer to actual window sample when selecting colors. Laminates and exterior painted options available on select products, if they are not shown above they are not available on this product. Interior and exterior laminates available on white window only. Only use mild, water based household cleaner on painted product and rinse immediately with water. See full cleaning instructions for details. Grid offering limited to 5/8” contoured or SDL on exterior painted windows.

Grid Types

Grid Patterns

Glass Options

  • Low-E Glass
  • Low-E Glass and argon gas for additional efficiency
  • Ultra Low-E Glass and argon gas
  • Non-reflective Low-E Glass and Non-reflective Low-E Glass with argon gas
  • Double strength and obscure glass

Additional Options

  • Oriel style (Single Hung Only)
  • Window Opening Control Device (WOCD) to prevent falling from a window (factory applied) (Single Hung Only)
  • Factory mulling and factory prepared mulling
  • Fiberglass half screen
  • Charcoal aluminum half screen
  • Commodity sizing available
  • Custom sizes available

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